1. The construction plywood is pressed by high temperature and high pressure, with high strength and good toughness. The static bending strength is more than twice the strength of the wood.


2. There is less joint seam of the film faced plywood, and it has the advantages of quick support and quick demoulding speed compared with aluminum formwork and steel formwork.


3. The surface is made of a high-quality coated paper by precision machining, smooth, easy to demould, the concrete surface is flat after demoulding, can avoid secondary plastering process, reduce cost and shorten the construction period, and lightweight, good cutting saw, easy nail Nail, good construction performance and improved construction speed.


4. Strong water resistance, the production of phenolic resin layer through the glue, pressed by hot pressing, boiled for 5 hours without opening the glue, the film is not easy to deform in the process of concrete curing.


5. The thermal conductivity is much smaller than the thermal conductivity of the steel mold, which is conducive to high temperature and winter construction in summer.


6. The number of turnovers is higher than that of ordinary building plywood, and the whole re-using time 12 to 18 times.


7. The template is suitable for most buildings, shear walls, vertical wall panels, subways, viaducts, overpasses, and so on.