Shuttering plywood is a term quite commonly used in the construction industry. The shuttering process – pouring the concrete into moulds – cannot happen without using shuttering plywood. This is a kind of plywood which is designed in a way to prevent concrete from coming out of the mould. This material is not used for aesthetic purposes, but to hold concrete till it densifies to form a solid structure. It is weather-resistant and doesn’t stick to the concrete itself.


It is like any other plywood or wooden panel, created using thin veneers layered on top of each other and glued together. Veneers are laid in such a way that their grains run perpendicular to each other. If constructed properly, they have high strength. This kind of construction ensures that they are high in strength and would not split when used for construction. Shuttering plywood manufacturers provide these materials in different thicknesses and sizes to meet different construction demands.


As understood, shuttering plywood is used for outdoor applications. So, they are naturally water-resistant, do not warp or rot. Also, the glue used to make the shuttering plywood is resistant to water penetration to ensure strength and durability. This kind of plywood can be reused, albeit with some precautions. They should be cleaned carefully and stored in a cool, dry place.


Shuttering plywood can also have a smooth and attractive outer veneer of higher quality than those used in the inside layers. This type of surface is usually needed for clean and attractive construction where aesthetic matters the most. However, plywood requires regular sanding and finishing after every use. Shuttering plywood which doesn’t feature a clean surface is not meant for aesthetic purposes. It is less expensive than polished ones.


Construction professionals use temporary wood or metal supports to hold shuttering plywood in place. Once the plywood is in place, concrete is poured into the mould to give it the desired shape. 12mm, 15mm and 18mm thickness are quite popular in the construction industry for moulding concrete.