Plywood glues are chosen depending upon a variety of characteristics.

For starters, only certain types of glues are moisture or water-resistant. For plywood meant to be used outside, people will want to look for more moisture or water-resistant glues. While it is still an important characteristic for interior usage, there is slightly more leeway in the type of glue used.

Secondly, plywood glues vary in temperature resistance. For example, certain types are designed to be used in high-temperature settings (exterior). Furthermore, while some may hold up very well in high-temperature settings, they could be extremely vulnerable to damage in low-temperature settings.

Lastly, plywood glues will vary greatly on the durability and time expected to last. Highly durable glues may be more expensive but could serve a greater purpose in the long run for construction projects or related work. On the other hand, an individual may settle for a cheaper alternative for a craft type item or something that is not needed to last.