Sometimes, customers may require “zero thickness tolerance” for plywood. Unfortunately, no suppliers can provide plywood of “0mm thickness tolerance”. The reasons are as the following:

1. Thickness tolerance of core veneers is unavoidable. Core veneers for plywood were rotary-cut from logs. While there is thickness tolerance both on each piece of veneers and between different pieces. So plywood is made of core veneers with thickness tolerance.

2. The compression ratio and the pressure for all the sheets of plywood can not be absolutely the same. Tiny differences should exist.

3. During sanding, even if the best Sanding machine can not guarantee “zero-tolerance sanding “

4. The actual thickness may vary accordingly if the moisture content of plywood changes. The Moisture Content (MC) of plywood will change according to the changes in Air Humidity. If the MC of plywood becomes a little higher, the actual thickness of plywood will become a little thicker accordingly. Otherwise, if the MC of plywood becomes a little lower, the actual thickness of plywood will become a little thinner.

5. Moreover, you can not confirm whether a panel is “zero thickness tolerance” or not.  When measuring the thickness, there are also errors in the reading of digits/numbers from a micrometer. Besides, reasonably speaking, it’s certainly not necessary to require a panel to be “zero thickness tolerance” for your end-use.